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4 fotos KURTIS BLOW : THE BEST RAPPER ON THE SCENE [NDL 1982] LP/COMP (Música - Discos - LP Vinilo - Rap / Hip Hop)

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    Kurtis Blow  "The Best Rapper On The Scene"  LP

    (Mercury)  1982  made in Holland

    cat. num. 814 964-1

    #hip hop  #rap  #old skool

    compilation from the ep's "Tough" and "Party Time?"


    Party Time9:30
    Big Time Hood3:14
    Got To Dance4:17
    One-Two-Five (Main Street, Harlem, USA)5:11
    Boogie Blues5:26
    Baby, You've Got To Go3:12


    Some of Kurtis Blow's best writing came in 1983, when he provided the five-song EP Party Time? The old-school rapper's full-length LPs could be uneven, offering a combination of five-star gems and less-than-essential filler. But that isn't a problem on this EP; Blow didn't have an entire LP to fill up this time, and as a result, only the first-rate material gets through. It's no coincidence that Blow placed a question mark after the title; even though parts of the record are fun (especially "Got to Dance"), the MC spends so much time addressing social and political issues that he ends up asking if it really is party time. The nuclear arms race, unemployment, poverty, drugs, and inner-city crime are among the issues that Blowaddresses on this EP, which employs members of the Washington, D.C., go-go band EU (Experience Unlimited). Although most of the beats on Party Time? are pure hip-hop, the title song favors a hip hop/go-go fusion that was quite forward-thinking for 1983. Regrettably, go-go never became as internationally successful as hip-hop, although Blow shows how logical a combination the two can be. One of the best hip-hop releases of 1983, this out of print EP is well worth obtaining if you can track down a copy.


España (Girona)
Antigüedad: 29/02/2016

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