Ajedrez. Chess. Learn from the Legends - Mihail Marin. 2nd Edition Book of the Year 2005

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    ChessCafe.com Book of the Year 2005, British Chess Federation BOOK OF THE YEAR 2005 nominee and, "the best chess book in the last two decades," according to Jeremy Silman's review.

    Learn from the Legends is a modern classic.

    ChessCafe chose it as their Book of the Year and IM Jeremy Silman went even further when he wrote: “I can’t recall having seen a better book in the last two decades.” Ten years after the original publication, Quality Chess is proud to offer a revised hardback edition with a new chapter on the latest chess legend, Magnus Carlsen.

    Mihail Marin examines and explains the ideas of the legends who shaped modern chess. The chapters in this book discuss:

    Rubinstein’s excellent rook endgame technique
    Alekhine’s expertise with the heavy pieces
    Botvinnik’s ability for deep analysis
    Tal’s handling of heavy pieces vs. minor pieces
    Petrosian’s positional exchange sacrifices
    Fischer’s strength with the king’s bishop
    Karpov’s handling of bishops of opposite colour
    Korchnoi the rebel
    Carlsen the new king

    Mihail Marin is a grandmaster from Romania. His books for Quality Chess have established him as one of the world's finest chess authors.

    This new edition is available only in hardcover.

    "My favourite book in 2005" GM Matthieu Cornette



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