Ajedrez. Chess. Mastering Endgame Strategy - Johan Hellsten

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    Study brings wisdom. Practice brings perfection

    Following the highly acclaimed Mastering Chess Strategy and Mastering Opening Strategy, this book completes a trilogy of strategy books by Grandmaster and renowned chess teacher Johan Hellsten.

    In his new work Hellsten focuses exclusively on endgame play and covers every type of endgame: pawn, rook, minor piece and queen endgames.

    He examines not only the many fundamental positions that everyone needs to know, but also the key themes and characteristics of successful endgame play, including activity, creating and exploiting weaknesses, active and passive defence, fortresses and technique.
    Just like his previous two books, Mastering Endgame Strategy is a product of Hellsten’s many years’ work as a full-time chess teacher and is specifically designed as part of a structured training programme to improve strategic thinking.

    In addition to the many examples there’s an abundance of carefully selected exercises which allow readers to monitor their progress and put into practice what they have just learned. Following such a course is an ideal way for players of all standards to improve.

    Although designed mainly for students, this book is also an excellent resource for chess teachers and trainers.

    • An essential course in endgame strategy
    • Includes 500 examples and 240 exercises
    • Ideal for both chess study and practice
    Johan Hellsten is a Grandmaster, a former Swedish Champion and a European Team Championship individual gold medallist.

    He’s a renowned chess teacher and has firmly established himself as a writer with outstanding credentials.


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