España - Califato de Cordoba Hisam II Dirham. Madinat Fas (Fez).

2 fotos ESPAÑA - CALIFATO DE CORDOBA HISAM II DIRHAM. MADINAT FAS (FEZ). (Numismática - Hispania Antigua - Hispano Árabes)

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    Good fine

    Spain, Caliphate of Córdoba –Hisam II, silver dirham fraction minted during the golden period of al-Andalus, when he controlled also a major part of Maghreb. Fez MintAbout the turn of the millennium, the Caliphate of Córdoba was at its peak. It controlled almost the whole Iberian Peninsula, bordering the Kingdom of the Franks in the Pyrenees and having clearly expanded in northern Africa, where it controlled most of the Maghreb (nowadays, Morocco and Algeria). This coin was struck at the Fez Mint (Morocco). A lovely and very rare piece!
    1.42 g., 21 mm
    Good Fine condition. Nice silver tone. Almost complete legend.

    Please see the photos for a better impression

    RulerHisham II
    Reverse LegendReligious legends
    GradeGood fine
    MintMadinat Fas
    Weigth and Diameter1.42 g., 21 mm

    Referencia: 2018-3449 (4481)


España (Jaén)
Antigüedad: 09/04/2018

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