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    Máquina pinball italiana zaccaria pool champion diciembre de 1985,muy decorativa y con juego muy bueno .Zaccaria (later briefly reorganized under Mr. Game before ending production) was an Italian company of pinball and arcade machines that existed in Bologna from 1974 until 1990.[1] The factory was sold to tecnoplay.[2]HistoryEditThe company was founded as a manufactory for pinball arcade games in Bologna by the three brothers Marino, Franco and Natale Zaccaria. The logo consists of their initials. Zaccaria was led by Marino Zaccaria, a former manager of a bar near Bologna.[2]At their best time, Zaccaria was the third largest company of pinball machines in the world after Bally and Williams. The company also entered into the video arcade game sector in the late 1970s. Therefore, they licensed games and developed some games with their own designs.[2]There are at least 47 different Zaccaria pinball machines known to exist although some are just variations of the same game.[3][4]Zaccaria pinball machinesEditTropical (1974)Cine Star (1974)Top Hand (1974)Granada (1974)[5]Red Show (1975)Ten Up (1975)Lucky Fruit (1975)Ten Stars (1976)Moon Flight (1976)Wood's Queen (1976)Aerobatics (1977)Circus (1977)Combat (1977)Nautilus (1977)Universe (1977)Supersonic (1977)Queen's Castle (1978)Winter Sports (1978)House of Diamonds (1978)Strike (1978)Future World (1978)Ski Jump (1978)Shooting the Rapids (1979)Hot Wheels (1979)Space City (1979)Fire Mountain (1980)Star God (1980)Space Shuttle (1980)Earth Wind Fire (1981)Locomotion (1981)Soccer Kings (1982)Pinball Champ '82 (1982)Pinball Champ (1983)Time Machine (1983)Farfalla (1983)Devil Riders (1984)Magic Castle (1984)Robot (1985)Clown (1985)Pool Champion (1985)Mystic Star (1986)Blackbelt (1986)Mexico ’86 (1986)Zankor (1986)Spooky (1987)Star's Phoenix (1987)New Star's Phoenix (1987)Zaccaria arcade machinesEditTV-Joker (1974), PONG clone[6]Circus (1977), licensed Exidy CircusThe Invaders (1978), Space Invaders cloneAstro Wars (1979), port of Data East Astro FighterDodgem (1979), port of Sega Head OnGalaxia (1979), port of Namco GalaxianQuasar (1980), Zaccaria Original, distributed in US by US Billiards[7]Moon Crest (1980), Quasar machine with a space fortress side artFirebird (1980), licensed Amstar PhoenixSpace Pirate (1980), copy of Cinematronics' Rip-OffPuckman (1980), copy of Namco Pac-ManScramble (1980), licensed Konami ScrambleBuck Rogers (1981), licensed Sega Buck RogersVanguard (1981), licensed SNK VanguardSuper Cobra (1981), licensed Konami Super CobraFrogger (1981), licensed Konami FroggerCrazy Kong (1981), licensed Falcon Crazy KongPac and Paint (1981), port of Kural Crush RollerZaxxon (1981), port of Sega ZaxxonHustler (1981), licensed Video HustlerComidar (1981), licensed Konami AmidarFitter (1981), licensed Round UpLaser Battle (1981), Zaccaria Original, distributed in US by Midway by the title LazarianScorpion (1982), ?Sea Battle (1982), ?Dribbling (1982), port of Dribbling by Model RacingJump Bug (1982), port Rock-Ola Jump BugFantasy (1982), port Rock-Ola FantasyCat and Mouse (1982), Zaccaria OriginalEyes (1982), licensed Techstar EyesMr. Do! (1982), licensed Universal Mr. Do!Eggor (1983), Telko EggorMoney Money (1983), Zaccaria OriginalHyper Sports (1983), licensed Konami Hyper SportsHyper Olympics (1983), licensed Konami Hyper OlympicsShooting Gallery (1984), Zaccaria OriginalJack Rabbit (1984), Zaccaria Original[8]Digital recreationsEditZaccaria PinballDeveloper(s)A.S.K. Homework Game DevelopmentPlatform(s)Android, iOS, WindowsReleaseiOSWW: March 26, 2013AndroidWW: February 21, 2015WindowsWW: June 16, 2015OS XWW: August 31, 2017LinuxWW: August 31, 2017Genre(s)PinballMode(s)Single playerA.S.K. Homework Game Development released Zaccaria Pinball for Android and iOS as well as Windows on Steam that consists of digital recreations of classic Zaccaria pinball machines. Versions for OS X as well as Linux were released on August 31, 2017.[9]Digital pinball machinesEditThere are 42 digital tables released.AerobaticsBlackbeltCine StarCircusClownCombatDevil RidersEarth Wind FireFarfallaFire MountainFuture WorldGranadaHot WheelsHouse of DiamondsLocomotionLucky FruitMagic CastleMexico ’86Moon FlightMystic StarNautilusPinball Champ 82Pinball Champ 83Pool ChampionRed ShowRobotShooting the RapidsSoccer KingsSpace ShuttleSpookyStar GodStar's PhoenixStrikeSupersonicTime MachineTop HandTropicalUniverseWinter SportsWood's QueenZankor


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