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PSION ORGANISER Model XP años 80. De las primeras PDA made in UK

14 fotos PSION ORGANISER MODEL XP AÑOS 80. DE LAS PRIMERAS PDA MADE IN UK (Antigüedades - Técnicas - Ordenadores hasta 16 bits (anteriores a 1982))

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    Tested and working perfectly. 

    Shipping to Spain, 6 euros. Europe: 12 euros.

    The Psion Organiser was the brand name of a range of pocket computers developed by the British company Psion in the 1980s.[1] The Organiser I (launched in 1984) and Organiser II (launched in 1986) had a characteristic hard plastic sliding cover protecting a 6×6 keyboard with letters arranged alphabetically.

    The Organiser II competed with the Filofax[1] and can be considered the first usable Electronic organizer, or Personal digital assistant (PDA) in that it combined an electronic diary and searchable address database in a small, portable device.

    Production of consumer hand-held devices by Psion has now ceased; the company, after corporate changes, now concentrates on hardware and software for industrial and commercial data-collection applications.

    On an episode of The Gadget Show (first aired on 30 March 2009), the Psion was pitted against the BlackBerry for a place on the show's Hall of Fame.[2] Whilst the Psion was highly praised as a device that pioneered portable computing, the accolade was ultimately given (by host Jon Bentley) to the BlackBerry.

    As of autumn 2017 several software features and hardware devices are still being developed and are available including a Javascript Emulator, Parallel Interface, USB Commslink, 32k and 256k RamPaks, and 512k FlashPak.


España (Barcelona)
Antigüedad: 30/12/2009

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